Expertness and experience:
from project consultancy to finishing works

The technical department accompanies the customer in the transformation of a project into a finished product, suggesting, whenever it might be necessary, solutions that can improve the final result. Our technical staff work with 2D and 3D software for modelling. Constantly oriented towards technological innovation, Bergamini has equipped over the years with automated instruments for welding, which guarantee operation precision and optimisation of costs. The choice to adopt exclusively Fronius machinery also guarantees greater communication speed among the instruments, offering high performance.
The attention paid to the digitalisation of processes, which was applied according to Industry 4.0 procedures, has enabled to optimise job order management with a significant reduction of the time required for order execution. Bergamini is able to offer finishing services such as hot dip galvanising, electrolytic galvanising and powder coating. These additional services enable the customer to obtain the finished product optimising times and costs.

In compliance with the regulations in force, the staff operating in Bergamini are qualified to perform welding and warehouse goods handling operations.


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